Launch in 12 Weeks Course introduction and overview

Our Values represent what’s most important to us, it drives our behaviors. Most importantly how we allocate our time!

It’s vital we get to know ourselves and align our values with the business we want to create. How much time will you devote to your business to be successful? Find out by doing the exercises in the workbook.

There’s some exercises to complete which will help you understand the priorities in your values.

There is also a bonus copy of my book 'Creating a Powerful Brand' to assist you in building the rest of your brand.

The material is week 1 from our Launch in 12 Weeks program so I have included some reference material so you understand where this fits in with the rest of the course.

If you have additional questions send me a message on [email protected] Enjoy!

This is the course outline for the Launch in 12 Weeks program. If you are interested in doing the rest of the course you can purchase each of the 12 modules separately or as a bundled set.

Below is a video introduction to the Understand section to set the scene for the Values module. Enjoy!

0.1 Welcome, week 0, Course Outline.pdf